Crashing Up

Let me let you in on a little secret. Nobody knows what they’re doing.

Even the world's most successful people don't know what they're doing. They're just experts at figuring it out as they go. Even to these "experts" life can feel like being on a collision course. This newsletter will provide you with the ideas and insights to make sure you’re crashing up.

The newsletter is broken up into two parts, one delivered on Monday and one on Friday.

The Monday edition features a collection of ideas, interviews, and information on a wide range of topics spanning entrepreneurship, technology, business strategy, psychology, productivity and more.

The Friday edition is a shorter, links-based newsletter showcasing some of the coolest things that I’ve read, watched, or listened to during that week.

I'm constantly finding new things I'm interested in, which means I'm always writing about new things. I frequently conduct interviews with entrepreneurs, psychologists, musical artists and more. You can find all of their insights here.

If you want to see a few examples you can see two recent ones here and here.

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