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Now Updates - 5/28

Building Third Wall

I've spent the last 2+ building Third Wall, but I'm finally focused on building a business that can thrive without me. This means auditing and buying back my time, hiring for important roles, and thinking about the most scalable offer.

In the short term, this probably means sacrificing margin. But that's ok, since the last two years have been about maximizing it.

Digital Minimalism

I've been much more intentional with my technology usage. This means using distraction blocker software and hardware tools like Brick to disable my social media apps, turn off notifications, have friends change my passwords, and more.

I believe that in the next 3-5 years, it will be normal for people...

→ To have coaches to help build healthier, more intentional habits with technology

→ To seek out tech-free retreats, third places, and events

→ To educate their children about the downsides of social media & technology addiction

And this is exactly the thesis that I'm currently building around.

Mourning the Knicks

Watching this year's New York Knicks playoff run was one of my favorite memories as a sports fan. There will forever be a looming 'What if they were fully healthy?' question that lingers over this season. I truthfully believe they could have made a title run.


Over the next four months, I'll be in Florida, Lake Canandaigua, Fire Island, Puerto Rico, Jackson Hole, and Peru. Open to any and all recommendations. Currently planning fall travel, so open to recs there too.