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Brick: How This Simple Device Curbed My Smartphone Addiction

Brick delivers where other distraction blockers don't.
Brick: How This Simple Device Curbed My Smartphone Addiction

Like many of you reading this, I knew I was addicted to my smartphone. I also knew there was no possible way that staring at screens for 10 straight hours could be good for me.

But for years, I did very little to break this habit. Even during the brief flashes of growth-mindset-inspired motivation, my efforts quickly fell short:

I set strict screen-time limits with apps like Opal and Freedom, only to bypass them daily.

I tried putting my phone in another room before sleeping, but it always ended up back in my bed.

I even tried turning off notifications completely, but I would still find myself compulsively checking my phone.

This all changed when I found Brick.

Brick is a simple, 3D-printed device with an implanted NFC chip and a corresponding mobile app, but it delivers where all other distraction blockers fail.

The problem with distraction-blocking software like Opal and Freedom is that it allows users to quickly bypass their screen-time limits & controls whenever they want.

Even Clearspace, which requires you to breathe for 10 seconds before opening an app was no match for an addict like myself.

But I didn’t need some friction. I needed all of it.

Here’s how it works...

Download the Brick App & Select Apps to Block: Start by downloading the Brick app and choosing which apps you want to block.

For me, this meant Twitter (my biggest vice), Instagram, LinkedIn and every other social app. Aside from texting & Safari, there was no ‘fun’ on my phone. 

Tap Your Phone to Your Brick: To "Brick your phone," simply tap your phone to your Brick. This action disables all the selected apps.

Physical Access Control: You physically cannot access these apps unless you re-tap your phone to the Brick. That means if you leave your Brick at home, in your car, or even in another state, there is (almost) no way to bypass these restrictions.

That is the fundamental difference between Brick and every other distraction blocker on the market. You can't access your 'blocked' apps, no matter how much you want to.

You’re probably wondering…What if I really need to get in, in case of emergency?

Valid question.

Brick provides you with five lifetime 'emergency Unbricks', in case of a true emergency. You can also delete the app and regain access to all apps, but I would feel pretty shitty about myself if I did that for a random Instagram scroll. 

While I’ve spoken to some people who use the Brick throughout the day, I’ve permanently ‘Bricked’ the apps I don’t want to use, either using them only on my laptop or cutting them out from my day-to-day life entirely.

This decision has helped me free up 40+ hours per month of scroll time to reinvest in other people and activities — my disconnection stack. Crazy stuff.

If you find yourself constantly tethered to your smartphone, I highly recommend giving Brick a try or checking out my directory of other digital detox tools.

I also offer 1:1 coaching to help you build actionable strategies to reduce your screen-time and build a healthier, more intentional relationship with technology– all while boosting your productivity, improving your sleep, and living a more fulfilled life.

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