Setting Your BHAGs

Of all the entrepreneurs I’ve had the opportunity to speak with, Ollie Forsyth is one of my favorites. An entrepreneur, venture capitalist and podcast host, Ollie started his first e-commerce business, Ollie’s Shop, when he was 13 years old.

“The goal of Ollie’s Shop was to target teenagers, as a place where customers could buy inexpensive gifts for the most important teenage friends and children in their lives. I really had no capital at the time to start it, so I made connections with ten suppliers all over the world and asked them to send me ten free samples of their toys.”

With a bit of negotiating, each supplier agreed and shipped him their ten free trial samples, leaving Ollie with a total of one hundred units of inventory. He sold every sample for £10 and made his first $1,500 in revenue.

Talk about bootstrapping a business.

Suffering from severe dyslexia, Ollie was severely bullied as a child. When I asked how Ollie was able to overcome these obstacles and still remain positively focused on the future, he had this to say: “BHAG”

I looked at him confused.

“Big Hairy Audacious Goal,” he said. “Goal setting is so important.”

When you’re motivated by a goal, you don’t have time to deal with any other obstacle that stands in your way.

“I have a mentality where I’m chasing my hero who’s me in five years. If you have someone to chase—it could be yourself or an inspiration—chase that person. Think about who you really want to be in five years,” he continued.

You don’t need to have only one hero. It’s encouraged that you have multiple. Success isn’t just about being the best you can be in your career. It’s also about being the best family member, friend, and role model you can be. You should aim to identify at least one hero for each aspect of your life.

Here are some of mine:

Business: Mark Cuban

Mindset: Kobe Bryant

Productivity and Time Management: Tim Ferriss

Family: Dwayne Wade

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