Hitch: A Look into the Marketing Behind a Viral Kickstarter Campaign

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All good advertisements are designed to evoke emotion. These emotions can range across the board from happiness and sadness, to nostalgia and excitement. That being said, as long as the consumers walk away from the advertisement feeling something that they hadn’t felt prior to their viewing experience, the ad usually has served at least one of its intended purposes.

Although rare, a great marketing campaign can quite literally change the world with its ability to spark much needed conversation that can lead to empowerment and change. Take Nike’s 2018 Kaepernick ad for example. While controversial, there is no doubt that this campaign achieved its intended goals, drawing a bunch of emotions, while guiding the world in its acknowledgement and discussion of racial inequality and patriotism.

However, even rarer than finding a well-thought out, socially conscious ad, is finding one that makes me laugh. I’m not talking a quick puff of air out the nostrils. I’m talking about genuinely laughing and applauding the minds behind the vision. Something that I watch and immediately know that between the creativity of the product and the cheesiness of the humor, it has the potential to go viral.

With digital advertising at an all-time peak (pre-corona), finding examples of quality marketing assets is no easy task. For every great asset that blesses my newsfeed (in between the absolute onslaught of Masterclass ads), there are at least ten poorly designed, lackluster pieces of content vying for my much- divided attention. It is for that reason that when I do find an ad that truly stands out, I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about it.

Enter, Hitch.

A basic, yet ingenious product, Hitch is the first full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside. When the interior cup is being used, it can be screwed on to attach to the top of the bottle and covered with a lid. It is a thoughtful upgrade to a product that’s been ripe for disruption, that significantly improves on design and functionality. Why fumble with a water bottle AND a coffee mug when you can easily carry both at once? While simple, this is a huge value proposition that is communicated flawlessly in all of their marketing efforts, labeling Hitch as “The Only Thing That You Need to Carry”.

Since launching on Kickstarter nine days ago, the app has raised over $235,000 gracefully smashing its goal of $10,000. Along with the quality of the idea, much of this success can be attributed to the amazing promo video that features a perfect blend of creative humor and social responsibility, evoking a wide possibility of emotions for viewers. For each bottle purchased, Hitch will plant a new tree and remove 100 plastic bottles from the Ocean through partnerships with One Tree Planted and Plasticbank.

While it doesn’t quite rival the famously Dollar Shave Club (Our Blades are Fu****g Great) and PooPouri (Girl’s Don’t Poop) campaigns from years ago, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air (literally) in the polluted arena of digital advertising.

With 20 days left in the campaign, a strong mission, and the power of the internet, it is not crazy to imagine that Hitch could raise upwards of $600,000 for their initial product run. With a group of well-experienced executives at the helm, clean branding, and this first video setting a promising tone, I’m very excited to see what’s to come from team Hitch and Remaker Labs down the line.

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