Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success


Every seven minutes a child is bullied. One out of every three students in the United States has been targeted at school.
Conventional wisdom says that bullying is exclusively detrimental to one’s health, yet studies show that 47 percent of victims report a positive effect on their adult lives.

In Adversity to Advantage, Randy Ginsburg strives to inspire those who were bullied with words of wisdom from a diverse group of highly successful entrepreneurs. These individuals have overcome the aggressors from their past and used their negative experiences as stepping stones for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

In this book you will learn how:

The best way to overcome the lingering effects of bullying is to harness the raw emotion from those memories and use it as fuel to motivate you. What better way to do this than through the power of creativity and entrepreneurship? Using his INVENT framework, Randy explores how to utilize the trauma of bullying to empower others to improve their lives and thrive as entrepreneurs.

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- Ellen deLara
Adversity to Advantage is an inspirational book about showing resilience in the face of major life challenges. Everyone faces adversity, but the real test is how you deal with it. Randy has been able to leverage the obstacles he faced in his youth to give him a competitive edge in the world of entrepreneurship.

- Ellen deLara

Ph.D, LCSW-R., ACSW, BCD, Author of Bullying Scars: The Impact on Adult ife and Relationships


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